Subluxations and Adjustments.

What is a “Subluxation?”
A subluxation – also known as “nerve interference” – is the misalignment of vertebrae in the spinal column. When a subluxation occurs, it often affects the function of the nervous system, which may have a negative effect on quality of life and health as well as producing pain.
What is a “Chiropractic Adjustment?”
Chiropractors typically care for subluxations with a procedure known as a “chiropractic adjustment.” This hands-on technique for restoring spinal and other joint mobility is performed by manually applying a controlled force to joints that have either become too restricted in their movement or too mobile, as a result of a tissue injury.

By realigning the affected vertebrae through a chiropractic adjustment, the chiropractor eliminates this nerve interference and proper bodily function is restored.

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Chiropractic is Effective and Affordable.

The Stano Study

This study, conducted by Oakland University Economics Professor Dr. Miron Stano, found that, when costs of advanced imaging and referrals to physical therapists and other providers were added, chiropractic care costs for chronic patients were 16 percent lower than medical care costs. If the study would have included hospitalization or surgical costs, two very expensive medical treatments for low-back pain, or over-the-counter medications, the savings from chiropractic would have been even greater. Additionally, chiropractic patients showed an advantage over medical patients in pain, disability, and satisfaction outcomes.

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Arthritis: Cause and Prevention

Arthritis results from injury, overuse, or overloading of joints, such as in those who are overweight. Your body responds to these stresses first, through swelling and muscle spasm. Scar tissue may form depending on severity. Your body cannot support swelling and spasm indefinitely, and so in situations where the problem or stress is ongoing, your body in time instead chooses to fuse the joint, by deforming the bones and resorbing the cartilage or disc between them. We see an abundance of knee and hip replacements these days, but there is no spine replacement now or on the horizon. There are spinal surgical procedures that are complicated and often unsuccessful. Chiropractic is an obvious choice for aches and pains, but our most important service is restoring motion, allignment, and function to not only the spine, but to the other joints in the body as well. Combine our hands on care with some advice on diet and exercise, and you have the tools to prevent or slow arthritis anywhere in the body.

The spine is different from other joints such as the knee… there is no spine replacement surgery!

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Chiropractic, a Good Idea Then and Now

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease.” -Thomas Edison-

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Lose the Drugs… Find a Chiropractor!

“Have you more faith in a spoonful of medicine than in the power that animates the living world?” -BJ Palmer-

“The nervous system controls and coordinates all of the organs and structures of the human body.” -Grays Anatomy, pg 4-

The power that made the body, heals the body. That power is expressed through the nervous system. Chiropractors are the nervous system specialists. Find a chiropractor and turn have your power turned on! -Dr. Schneider-

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Tai Chi classes forming

New Tai Chi class forming in January… Livonia location…Michigan Tai Chi Association. See them at, call at 734 591 3530, or email at Good stuff folks.

If streching and exercise are painful, somethings wrong… chiropractic may help. Schedule an appointment to see us for neck or back pain, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle pain. 734 462 2262. We proudly serve Livonia, Westland, Canton, and Plymouth.

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Colds and flu

Did you know that bacteria and viruses grow and reproduce best at 98.6 degrees, but much slower at 103 degrees? Our “innate intelligence” knows this and thats why we get a fever. Our “learned intelligence” thinks we know better and we take aspirin to bring the fever down, which reduces our immune response and delays recovery. The power that made the body heels the body! Chiropractors know this and help to allow full expression of innate intelligence by correcting spinal problems and resulting nerve interference. Yes, spinal problems cause health problems, and correcting spinal problems inproves health. We serve Livonia, Westland, Canton, and Plymouth. We have appointments available today for new patients, one could be yours!

Thomas Edison got it wrong almost 200 times before succussfully inventing the light bulb. Your success may be only one try away. Have a successful day!

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